Meet Tara

Tara Huffman is an attorney, certified coach and Owner & CEO of Joy Full Coaching, LLC, (JFC). Drawing on her own 14-year journey from entry level staff to senior executive, Tara is committed to helping her clients pinpoint their destination with courage and clarity, overcome self-sabotaging behaviors, and fully become the person or movement they need to be to accomplish what they truly want to do.

As a coach, Tara excels at one-to-one and group coaching for leaders at all levels, as well as training and facilitation to improve individual and organizational success.

As a speaker, Tara is adept at using humor, illustrations, compassion and authenticity to reach even the most unmotivated audiences and speak effectively to even the most sensitive subjects.

All in all, Tara is a triple threat in support of your success and the success of your people.

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